Mirror rorriM – Two

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Chapter – 1


The next morning was Friday, and Seth was looking forward to the weekend.  With any luck, The Pizza House would be busy and he would make enough to go get his Moped after school on Monday.  He had slept on it and decided, the “scooter” as Jessica called it was what he wanted, and screw John if he gave him a hard time about it.  He had also decided that Jessica was going to be the first one to ride it with him, enough wasting time, he was going to bite the bullet and ask her to a movie.  Only…she wasn’t in his history class that morning, no big deal, maybe she skipped class. He would see her at work for sure, everybody likes to make some extra cash for the weekend.

Seth walked into The Pizza House after school and Ed Simmons was at the counter, Ed was never at the counter.

“Hey Ed, what brings you into the House today” Seth asked warily.

“Seth…nice to see somebody showed up to work today!” Ed half said half yelled.

“I take it Jessica hasn’t shown up yet this afternoon?” Seth asked.

“Nope, she hasn‘t even called yet, Jim called me because he had to leave, Cindy won’t answer her phone.  Paul and Steve just straight up said no to coming in. What’s wrong with you kids today, nobody has any kind of work ethic anymore!”  Ed ranted.

This went on for another half an hour at least, Ed was old and angry and he didn’t care who was around, he would let them know about it.  Seth was stuck with Ed for the rest of the night, which could turn out to be a long night to say the least. It wasn’t like Jessica to just not show up, and not call or anything, Seth was a little worried.  

It’s probably nothing he thought to himself, she just needed a day off, no big deal.  She lost track of time, forgot to call. Maybe she really is sick, laid up in bed and just sleeping the day away.

Seth wasn’t scheduled to work with Jessica for the rest of the weekend though, and all of his big plans about asking her out would have to wait. 

Hey at least when I see her again, I will have my Moped!  I could just pull up all smooth like, toss her a helmet, and be like “Jump on!”  As Seth daydreamed, his night at work slid right by, Fridays are busy days and busy days go by fast, so before he knew it the steady thump of bass from John’s Jeep was beating at the front door.  Seth looked out the window, he had his girlfriend Stephanie, or “Steph” as everyone called her with him.  

“Looks like my ride is here Ed, I better get going.” Seth called out.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t be late tomorrow, and tell your damn brother to turn that damn music down, what’s he think everyone wants to listen to that noise you kids call music?!” Ed was off on a rant once more.  Seth slid out the door while Ed continued to voice his opinion to no one in particular.

“Jump in the back, slacker.” John yelled, “You ask your little girlfriend out yet.”

“Whatever” was Seth’s only reply.

“Hey when you gonna get yourself a car, so I can stop hauling your ass around everywhere?” John looked at Seth in the mirror.

“Actually” Seth began, “I think I am going to buy that Moped up on Skitter Street Monday.”

At that John actually laughed out loud, here it comes Seth thought.

“That rusty old scooter?”  John could hardly contain his enjoyment at this latest revelation “Man, just when I think you can’t get any dorkier!”

“Aw, knock it off John, scooters are kinda cool.” Steph chimed in.

“Now there’s a first,” John jumped in, “for one thing, scooter and cool don’t belong in the same sentence, and on top of that they don’t belong in a sentence involving my little brother!”

“Hey, at least you won’t have to haul me around anymore, like you said.” Seth argued.

“Yeah, unless it’s raining, or cold, or every time that piece of junk breaks down is all.”  John counter pointed.

“Whatever” Seth sulked.

As they pulled up to the driveway John asked, “you got any big plans tonight little bro?”

“Not really, why?” Seth asked

“Just wondering” John smiled, “me and Steph here we got big things going on, especially in my pants right here.”

That earned John a backhand.

“You’re so gross!” Steph yelled.

“And on that note,” Seth climbed out of the backseat and started up the driveway.  John peeled out obnoxiously, and honked his horn the rest of the way up the road. 

Inside, Seth started to think about Jessica again, it was so unlike her to just skip work like that, and not tell anybody.  Seth didn’t have her number or address or anything, so he couldn’t even send her a message to see how she was doing. Maybe, I shouldn’t ask her out yet he started to think.  I don’t even really know anything about her, maybe I can just get her number or something send her a text or two first. A new plan established, Seth settled in for the weekend, a couple days of work, a couple days of pay, and by Monday afternoon his own set of wheels.  Yep, things are turning out just right.

Continue to Chapter Three.

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