Mirror rirroM – Three

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The weekend came and went; Seth was happy to get back to school and get a break from work.  He had made more than enough money for the moped; they had been busier than expected.  The last thing that he wanted to do was look at another slab of cheese and dough, luckily, he had most of the week off.  At school, Seth met up with his two best friends Chris Fitch and Brian Lee.

“Where you been all weekend bro, we didn’t hear a peep from you?” Chris asked.

“Just working, it was a rough weekend, nothing but flour and dough up to my elbows.” Seth answered.  “What did you guys do?”

Brian took this one, “Just wait until you hear, we went to the midnight showing of Star Trek.  You should have seen some of the costumes these fools were wearing.”

“These fools?” Seth answered, “You guys were there too, you know.”

“Well…yeah” Brian said, “but we didn’t have costumes or anything, so it was different.”

“Yeah, and you should have seen some of the chicks in there tight Trekkie uni’s…real nice I say!” Chris added.

“And there you two were, standing there staring at ‘em the whole time I bet,” Seth laughed, “They probably thought you guys were on a date!”

“No way, you’re crazy Seth.” Chris said.

“I bet you even shared popcorn, oh that’s funny.” Seth joked.

“So…popcorn is stupid expensive at the mall.” Brian said defensively.

“Wait, you really did share popcorn, you guys are ridiculous, that’s awesome.” Seth was really laughing hard now.

The warning bell sounded, and the trio started to go their separate ways.

“Hey, I’ll come by and see you guys after school, I’m going to get that moped this afternoon!” Seth called out as he backed away towards home room.

“Nice! See you later, man” Chris called back.

Seth hustled off to history class hoping to see Jessica; maybe break the ice with a “What happened to you this weekend” type of line.  Only, she wasn’t in class again that day.  Strange, he thought to himself, maybe she really came down with something bad.  He overheard her friends talking in the corner of the classroom.

“No, I didn’t talk to her all weekend, did you?” he heard one of them say.

“I called her house, her mom said that she hasn’t been around all weekend, and if I see her to give them a call.  She didn’t even know where she was, and she sounded worried.” Another one said.

“Well that’s strange, why would she just disappear like that?”.

Seth had heard enough, his intuitions were apparently right, something really was up with her. Did she run off with some guy? Seth had never heard her talking about a boyfriend or anything before.  Just then he heard something from the corner that really caught his attention.

“My dad said that the cops were at her house, like all Sunday morning!” one of the girls said.

Wait a minute Seth thought, the cops now this could be something serious.  Is she in jail, a runaway, kidnapped?  Seth’s imagination was starting to run away on him a little bit.  Wait, wait, slow it down here he thought, I’m just jumping to conclusions here.  It’s probably nothing, something totally unrelated I bet.  Seth tried to put it out of his mind for now, but between thinking about Jessica, and his soon to be moped, the day dragged.  

“Slowest day, ever!” Seth said to his buddy Chris in passing.

“Tell me about it!” Chris answered.  Apparently, he was having a long day himself.

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Mirror rorriM – Two

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Chapter – 1


The next morning was Friday, and Seth was looking forward to the weekend.  With any luck, The Pizza House would be busy and he would make enough to go get his Moped after school on Monday.  He had slept on it and decided, the “scooter” as Jessica called it was what he wanted, and screw John if he gave him a hard time about it.  He had also decided that Jessica was going to be the first one to ride it with him, enough wasting time, he was going to bite the bullet and ask her to a movie.  Only…she wasn’t in his history class that morning, no big deal, maybe she skipped class. He would see her at work for sure, everybody likes to make some extra cash for the weekend.

Seth walked into The Pizza House after school and Ed Simmons was at the counter, Ed was never at the counter.

“Hey Ed, what brings you into the House today” Seth asked warily.

“Seth…nice to see somebody showed up to work today!” Ed half said half yelled.

“I take it Jessica hasn’t shown up yet this afternoon?” Seth asked.

“Nope, she hasn‘t even called yet, Jim called me because he had to leave, Cindy won’t answer her phone.  Paul and Steve just straight up said no to coming in. What’s wrong with you kids today, nobody has any kind of work ethic anymore!”  Ed ranted.

This went on for another half an hour at least, Ed was old and angry and he didn’t care who was around, he would let them know about it.  Seth was stuck with Ed for the rest of the night, which could turn out to be a long night to say the least. It wasn’t like Jessica to just not show up, and not call or anything, Seth was a little worried.  

It’s probably nothing he thought to himself, she just needed a day off, no big deal.  She lost track of time, forgot to call. Maybe she really is sick, laid up in bed and just sleeping the day away.

Seth wasn’t scheduled to work with Jessica for the rest of the weekend though, and all of his big plans about asking her out would have to wait. 

Hey at least when I see her again, I will have my Moped!  I could just pull up all smooth like, toss her a helmet, and be like “Jump on!”  As Seth daydreamed, his night at work slid right by, Fridays are busy days and busy days go by fast, so before he knew it the steady thump of bass from John’s Jeep was beating at the front door.  Seth looked out the window, he had his girlfriend Stephanie, or “Steph” as everyone called her with him.  

“Looks like my ride is here Ed, I better get going.” Seth called out.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t be late tomorrow, and tell your damn brother to turn that damn music down, what’s he think everyone wants to listen to that noise you kids call music?!” Ed was off on a rant once more.  Seth slid out the door while Ed continued to voice his opinion to no one in particular.

“Jump in the back, slacker.” John yelled, “You ask your little girlfriend out yet.”

“Whatever” was Seth’s only reply.

“Hey when you gonna get yourself a car, so I can stop hauling your ass around everywhere?” John looked at Seth in the mirror.

“Actually” Seth began, “I think I am going to buy that Moped up on Skitter Street Monday.”

At that John actually laughed out loud, here it comes Seth thought.

“That rusty old scooter?”  John could hardly contain his enjoyment at this latest revelation “Man, just when I think you can’t get any dorkier!”

“Aw, knock it off John, scooters are kinda cool.” Steph chimed in.

“Now there’s a first,” John jumped in, “for one thing, scooter and cool don’t belong in the same sentence, and on top of that they don’t belong in a sentence involving my little brother!”

“Hey, at least you won’t have to haul me around anymore, like you said.” Seth argued.

“Yeah, unless it’s raining, or cold, or every time that piece of junk breaks down is all.”  John counter pointed.

“Whatever” Seth sulked.

As they pulled up to the driveway John asked, “you got any big plans tonight little bro?”

“Not really, why?” Seth asked

“Just wondering” John smiled, “me and Steph here we got big things going on, especially in my pants right here.”

That earned John a backhand.

“You’re so gross!” Steph yelled.

“And on that note,” Seth climbed out of the backseat and started up the driveway.  John peeled out obnoxiously, and honked his horn the rest of the way up the road. 

Inside, Seth started to think about Jessica again, it was so unlike her to just skip work like that, and not tell anybody.  Seth didn’t have her number or address or anything, so he couldn’t even send her a message to see how she was doing. Maybe, I shouldn’t ask her out yet he started to think.  I don’t even really know anything about her, maybe I can just get her number or something send her a text or two first. A new plan established, Seth settled in for the weekend, a couple days of work, a couple days of pay, and by Monday afternoon his own set of wheels.  Yep, things are turning out just right.

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Mirror rorriM – One

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Football season was over, and Baseball was in full swing for John.  Seth was working after school at The Pizza House, trying to save for a car of his own.  He had his license for all of about six months and couldn’t stand trying to borrow a car every time he wanted to go anywhere.  John’s Jeep was out of the question, he had made that clear, and Mom and Dad’s respective vehicles were more often than not, in use.  He was two or three hundred more pepperoni pizzas away from a used Volkswagen, but he was seriously debating a Moped that was only about 30 pizzas away.  If he ended up going for the Moped though, John would never let him hear the end of it, dad couldn’t care less, and mom would be a tough sell but he knew he could convince her it was safe enough.

“Hey, you awake over there?” Jessica asked. “You have been staring at that half-made pizza for like 15 minutes.”  

Jessica was the counter girl at the Pizza House, she was a cute, girl next door type, black hair, blue eyes and in Seth’s history class.

“Huh, what…oh…I guess I just zoned out there for a minute.” Seth finally answered.

“Oh yeah you did, what did you zone out about, Sethy?” Jessica smiled.  

Seth could tell she liked him a little, but he had no idea what to do about it.  John would know exactly what to do he thought.

“Thinking about that Moped again”, he said, “and don’t call me Sethy!”

She was the only one that ever called him Sethy, well her and his mom once in a while, but moms get a pass on that sort of thing.

“Why don’t you stop thinking and just go buy that silly little scooter?” Jessica rolled her eyes at him.

“First off, it’s a Moped, second I don’t have enough money yet, and third, what do you have against “scooters”?” Seth threw up some air quotes.

“Nothing, I can see you now, little half helmet with aviator goggles, brown leather jacket and white scarf flowing in the wind behind you.” She giggled.

“What am I, Charles Lindbergh now?” Seth smiled, “well, I will add you to the list of people that I will NOT be giving a ride.”

Jessica was about to reply, but the bell on the door jingled. “Saved by the bell”, she said instead.

Seth just shook his head, anytime he started getting a good conversation going at all, customers always seemed to show up.  Maybe he should just ask her out already, a movie, coffee, anything. The Moped did seat two, perhaps she wouldn’t be going on the “don’t give a ride list”.

“Two large cheese pies to go, Sethy!” Jessica called back to him.

Seth shook his head and smiled at being called Sethy again. “That’s two pizza’s closer to my “scooter””, he called back.

Closing time at the Pizza House came quick, and before Seth could come up with anything more interesting to talk about he heard John’s Jeep pull up outside.  He always had the top off of the Jeep and the music up loud, so there was no mistaking his arrival. Now there was no chance of him asking Jessica out tonight, once John is in the room, Seth ceases to exist. At least, that’s how it feels to Seth anyway.

“You ready punk?” John poked his head in the door.

“Hey John” Jessica waved shyly

“Oh hey, c’mon loser, I haven’t got all night.” John yelled into the kitchen.  

Jessica was not quite up to the standards of the starting halfback and center fielder.  What could be expected though, Jessica was two grades behind John and he had a girlfriend already anyway.  A cheerleader at that, could he be any more of the stereo typical jock? That didn’t stop Jessica, or any other girl for that matter, from trying to flirt a little though.

“See you tomorrow Jessica” Seth said in passing

“Bye Seth” Jessica answered.

“So what’s up with you and that chick?” John asked on that way back to the house.

“Jessica, nothing, I work with her” Seth didn’t want to talk about it.

“Well, she’s not ugly, and she knows your name, you gonna ask her out?” John asked

“No I’m not going to ask her out, and why do you care?” Seth answered defensively. 

“Hey, relax man, I’m just asking.” John smirked “Besides, it’s obvious you like her, you’re about as red as a stop sign right now!  Seth and Jessica sitting in a tree.” He sang.

“You’re like a two year old, you know that?” Seth turned even redder.

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Mirror rorriM


“It blinked, he…er…me, I blinked!” John gaped.

“What are you talking about, weirdo, of course you blinked, we all blink?” Seth answered.

“Yeah, but I saw it happen, in the mirror I swear I saw it!” John was amazed.

“You probably just imagined it, you can’t see yourself blink, that’s just ridiculous” Seth scoffed. “Don’t you have something to do besides staring at yourself in the mirror all day?” 

“What like sit around all day and read books like you…nerd!” John shot back.  “I’m embarrassed to call you my little brother sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” Seth asked

“Alright…all the time” John answered.

“I’d rather sit around and read all day, than stare at myself in the mirror, flexing and ranting about blinking at yourself.  Just so you know, I’m not exactly wearing an “I’m John Matthews little brother” shirt to school every day.” Seth pointed out.

“Enough of your mouth, I’ve got places to go, people to see, a life to live.” John ended the conversation as he walked out the door.

Brothers, not quite two years apart, but as different as night and day, John and Seth Matthews.  John was the athletic, popular, good looking Jock. Seth, the smart, quiet, bookworm with a smart mouth.  Senior year for John put Seth firmly in the middle of his high school career at Stratford High. Football season was coming to a close, and baseball hadn’t started yet, which meant that John didn’t have practice or a game of some sort just about every single day like he usually did.  It was Seth’s least favorite time of the year, hardly any time to himself, and he just couldn’t seem to get enough alone time. He wasn’t a recluse or anything, he had friends, two or three really good ones, not like Johns seemingly hundreds. Next year, John will be off to college on some sort of sports scholarship, and Seth will have an entire school year to himself, just the thought of it made Seth smile.  His thoughts immediately returned to what John said before he left though.

“I saw myself blink…hah, what a weirdo.” Seth said out loud to himself.  Being a fan of science fiction, and having an active imagination, Seth starting thinking about this possibility.  What if something like that really did happen, what would it mean? Your reflection wasn’t you, but just someone that looked like you.  “That would make a good movie I bet.” Seth said out loud.

“You still talking in here, Jesus, do you ever stop talking, you know I left the room like 10 minutes ago!” John poked his head back in.

“First off, it was like 2 minutes ago, and I wasn’t talking to you.  I thought you had “a life to live”, or did you have to fix your hair first?” Seth rebounded.

John didn’t even acknowledge that with an answer, just walked down the stairs and out the front door.  Jumping in his Jeep and throwing the book bag that he always seemed to have with him in the back seat, he started his Jeep up looked in the rear view mirror and paused when he saw his reflection.

“Nah…” he said shaking his head.

With that, seeing himself blink in the mirror was forgotten, and life rolled on.

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Mirror rorriM

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

So…I wrote a book a while back.

I did not get it published, but I am proud of it. It is a fiction story tailored towards young adults with a touch of science fiction. I would like to post a few chapters – if there is interest I will continue to share the story with you all.

Seth Matthews is a high school student in a small town. When one of the girls in his grade goes missing, Seth, his brother and his best friends decide to do some investigating of their own.

What they uncover forces them to question reality, and threatens to destroy this otherwise peaceful town. As two worlds collide, Seth finds himself in the middle of a civil war in search of his friend.

Will he be able to survive both worlds, save his friend and return order to his small town?