Hygge Time

Every afternoon, just as the sun is starting to set and the ambient light in the house starts to wane, someone in our house will announce “Hygge Time”.  Once proclaimed, myself or my wife will circle around the living room, hallway and dining room lighting a few candles and plugging in our small low light decorations.

This atmosphere change as we forgo traditional lighting amplifies the feeling of hygge in the house, or at least we pretend that it does.  While candles and lighting are essential to the feeling of hygge, the proclaiming of “Hygge Time” in my opinion is what really accentuates the feeling.  Everyone’s mind instantly goes to the times and thoughts that felt the most hygge.

Our house is always in a state of hygge but saying the word out loud is more effective than any decoration, blanket or candle.  It is not necessary to point out the hygge, but it is needed.

As full dark sets in, the boys shower and tuck into bed.  I set the kettle on the stove and prepare a couple mugs for a hot cup of tea and honey.  My wife and I share a seat on the couch with a couple warm mugs in our hands and cozy up to our favorite shows or movies.  This moment is my favorite moment and I look forward to it all day long.

Everyone deserves a “Hygge Time”.

One thought on “Hygge Time”

  1. Wow, this is such a great idea, especially during the wet and cold winter month on Ireland’s West coast. Having just read one of the books about the Danish Art Of Hygge, I’m very much up for it! Thanks for sharing! Aiva

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