Laundry Room Hygge-lism

Simple and functional.  The two adjectives could easily describe just about any aspect of minimalism.  The addition of comfort and outdoor accents transform it from minimalism to hygge-lism.

The laundry room is an often forgotten about space, more utilitarian than decorative.  Just a few simple items can make a world of difference to keep you from cringing every time that you walk into the room.  

A homemade stained wood shelf adds the outdoor element, helps clean up the visual clutter, keeps you from storing items on top of the washer and dryer which inevitably end up being shaken and vibrated off and serves as a folding area post drying.  A matching shelf higher up is pleasing to the eye and storage baskets are a warm addition to the decor. The always useful clock is a quick reference for laundry time management.

A wooden crate between the washer and dryer allows for quick access to the laundry essentials.  The glass on the shelf is perfect for the inevitable change and small toys that WILL be found in the laundry, especially when small children live in the house.  Over time quite a bit of money can accumulate as well, living in Europe where coins can value up to 2 Euro’s really speeds that process up. You can always find something fun to do with that money at the end of the month, or better yet, invest it and see how much you can turn that forgotten about change into.  Every penny counts.

Some would argue that baskets and wall decor are not minimalism, but this is an unfortunate misnomer.  Minimalism and Hygge are about calm, simple yet functional, stress free spaces, not stark walls and cold rooms.  The baskets are great for storing extra consumable items so that you do not find that you are out of detergent at the most inopportune time.  Simple pieces of art or photos on the wall are pleasing and calming to the eye and have a way of relaxing you.  

Having extra anything is not something that I am a fan of, but consumables have more leeway.  While buying 5 bottles of laundry detergent when they are on sale might be a little extreme, 1 or 2 is plenty.  If there is an item that you know will be used over time, does not spoil and can be found at a good price, go ahead and get an extra.  Store it in a basket to eliminate the clutter and keep the space clean and functional.

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