The Evolution of a Hygge-list

You don’t just wake up one morning and decide that “Today, I am a hygge-list”.  Adopting Hygge or minimalism, simplifying your life, living more intentionally and more consciously is a process, an evolution.  As I incorporate hygge-lism into more and more aspects of my life my view continues to change. With each new step, comes a new horizon.  I would like to share with you the path that hygge-lism has led me on, and how this lifestyle has evolved and continues to evolve.

*Note – The “Days” in this post are figurative, the evolutionary timeline can not be dictated.

Day 1 – Hygge-lism comes Home

The most common way to begin a simple, minimal, hygge lifestyle is with the physical belongings that you come into contact with the most often.

You begin to pare down your wardrobe, your knick-knacks, your collections and stashes.  You start to clean out your garage, your attic, your basement and storage closets. You feel that weight begin to lift off of your shoulders, pressure is relieved from your chest and you feel that you can breathe again, even though you didn’t know that you couldn’t breathe fully before.  It’s an eye opening realization, and it’s addictive. You start to look for items to rid yourself of, and you look forward to it.

Day 2 – Leaving the House

Purging your possessions has left you with more time on your hands.  This is an unexpected realization and not being prepared for this you don’t have a plan.  You start to fall back on your old habits. You find yourself shopping on the internet, you binge television shows and so you decide you better get out of the house.  Traveling back to your usual stomping grounds, you are hypersensitive to the amount of advertisements that you are bombarded with. Radio commercials, department store windows, billboards even all the walking advertisements of name brand clothing that everyone has so willing draped themselves in.  At first they are enticing and you may even fall victim to a frivolous purchase or two at the start, followed by immediate remorse.


You start to pick up on all the advertisement tactics that are being used.  You realize that advertising is a lucrative business and a lot of companies pay a lot of people a lot of money for the sole purpose of figuring out how to make you want to buy something for no real reason.  With this realization comes the advertisement agencies loss of power over you. You begin to shake your head at commercials and billboards, their enticement gets replaced with disdain or at the least, indifference.  You lose interest in buying new items, in fact you begin to rue the need to buy items even when they are a true need.

Day 3 – Evolving Needs

As a result of the shift in your mentality towards shopping and buying frivolous items, and your increased focus of figuring out what your true needs are, you begin to research alternatives; the “No Poo Movement”; how often should you actually wash blue jeans; what does fabric softener do to your clothes…these are all actual and valuable Google searches.  You start to look for reusable everything, shopping bags, straws, diapers, napkins, water bottles. You begin to experiment a little bit, “How bad would I smell if I stopped wearing deodorant?”, “If I didn’t use gel or mousse, what would my hair look like?”

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Your needs have begun to change, your shopping is reduced to a minimum and you find that in addition to more time, you now have more money.

Day 4 – Hygge-lism Goes to the Bank

With more time and money now, your research continues.  “The Fire Movement” is now your latest Google search. Suddenly, your eyes are opened to the power of compound interest, investments and rules of percentage. Your mind is overtaken with an entirely new world of possibilities.  It is like you have been wandering blindfolded through life and now suddenly the blindfold fell off and you can actually see for the first time. Everything is now possible and there is nothing standing in your way. You immediately set to work on a real budget, a real meal plan and the possibilities of a side hustle.

Day 5 – Priorities Change

All of these aspirations lead to a drastic change in your priorities.  Things that you once thought to be important parts of your life have started to lose their footing.  Your daily 9 to 5 is reduced to just a way to make money (for most people). You start to shrug off the idea of having the newest cell phone, or the need to watch the latest episode of whatever show you were once addicted too.

Your time is now your most valuable asset and enjoying it is your highest priority. You use it to strengthen your relationships and pursue new and exciting experiences.  You use your time to learn, to create, to relax, to meditate, to actively pursue what were once only dreams. You actually begin to do all of the things that you always told yourself that you would get to “one day” or “eventually”.

Day 6 – The World Around You Changes

Unbeknownst to you, your evolution has led to an evolution of the world around you.  All of these small incremental changes have caused your world to change along with you.  Toxic relationships have fallen away and only your true friends remain. Similar attracts similar; you are now surrounded by like minded people, new experiences have opened the door to even more new experiences and new relationships.  Your change has inflicted itself on those around you and they too have benefited from it. You are more content, comfortable and happy, life has slowed down and become clear. You look forward to what tomorrow will bring, but you will happily wait for that day to come by enjoying today. 

This my friends is the evolution of hygge-lism.

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