Staying On Track – A Hygge-lism How To

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As you journey into minimalism and adopt a hygge lifestyle, you begin to create routines and start establishing healthy habits.  Whether it is a new morning routine involving a cup of coffee and a moment of meditation, or your end of the week budget assessment and tracking.  You are no longer stressing about what clothes to wear each day because your closet is organized, minimized and comfortable. You are no longer scrambling to figure out what to cook for dinner after work each day because your meal plan is established, prepped and successful, and your cruising through your reading list thanks to your evening cup of tea in your hyggelig reading corner.

You are comfortable, at ease and relaxed.  You feel that you are finally in a good place and that things seem to be coming together just right.  A month passes, or maybe just a couple of weeks, you notice that you are missing one of the ingredients for your Tuesday night meal.  You hit the snooze button an extra time in the morning and miss your usual meditation. A couple more days pass and you realize you are burning through your Netflix watch list faster than your reading list.  Instead of listening to your favorite Podcasts on the ride home from work, you start making business calls…


It’s time to refocus.  It is inevitable, especially when starting something new, for old habits to creep back into your new habits.  These old habits have been ingrained in your routines for so long that they aren’t even a second thought. They are comfortable, easy and stubborn.  Your screen time, be it TV, cell phone, laptop or tablet will start to increase slowly.  You will stay up a little later in the evening to finish up the last episode of a show and start hitting snooze a few extra times the next morning.

A key point of hygge-lism is to be present in the moment and mindful of not just what, but why you are doing what you are doing.  Routines have a habit of becoming…well…routine, and therefore require less and less thought to accomplish them.

It is important to stop, refocus, realign your mindset and remember what you are doing and why on a regular basis.  Just a quick elbow nudge for when you are getting off track.

Here are a few things you could do to keep yourself focused:

1. Set an alarm on your phone.

Something monthly, weekly or daily.  Name the alarm, “refocus”, “remember why” or “hygge-lism”.  Whatever words suit you as a reminder to stay focused and on track.  Set the alarm for a time when you tend to fall back on one of your old habits.

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2. Write a note for yourself.

Use a dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror, or have a sticky note next to your coffee supplies or on your work computer monitor.  A quick motivational quote or reminder phrase in a place that you know you will run across it.

3. Find an accountability partner.

Whether this is your spouse, significant other, a friend or family member.  Someone that you talk to regularly is a great way to keep you on point.  Bonus, if they are pursuing a similar lifestyle.

Don’t get discouraged, and don’t let small slips deter you from your ultimate end goal.  Life has a way of throwing monkey wrenches into even our best laid plans. All of these detours and speed bumps along the path are what makes the path worth following.

What are some other ways that you stay focused and remind yourself to get back on track, feel free to comment below.

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