Cable Has Been Cut

An Unrelated to Anything Else Ramble

I dare say that we are a generation, possibly two away from a generation of kids that won’t know what cable was.

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As hard as that may be to imagine, I am sure that at some point it was unthinkable to conceive of generations not knowing what an eight track or cassette was.  As the cassette industry was forgotten, so went the Walkman. Records were nearly a thing of the past until this latest resurgence, and CDs are on their way out and closely following them are DVDs for sure thanks to the likes of Netflix, Amazon and other streaming movie services.  Not to mention Beta…beta…betamax? I don’t even know if that is right. Well betamax lost a war to VHS…oh yeah, that’s gone too! And never forget the short lived Laser Disc  

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Landlines are something that many kids are no longer aware of anymore as is life before the internet, social media, video games and cell phones. Millennials may recall life before social media, but “Gen Z” is so confused by this article that it’s laughable.  GPS is a staple in new drivers lives now, hand a new driver a map and they are likely to wrinkle their forehead in confusion as they try to figure it out.  I dare say that stand alone GPS systems will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future, after all, it is standard on any new cell phone. Speaking of cell phones, they have virtually eliminated the not so old Ipod and dedicated music storage and streaming device industry.  

Now I don’t imagine that stand alone camera’s are going away quite yet, but I see them being owned solely by folks in the photography business.  Camera film on the other hand is going, going, gone, with the exception of the “vintage” albeit short return of Polaroid.

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Thanks to Post Malone, we have recently discovered that Ozzy Osbourne was someone that was virtually non-existent in today’s youth as crazy as that sounds.  Name a band or entertainer from before the turn of the century and there is a 50/50 shot that anyone under the age of…gulp… 20 will know who it is…yikes.  If you stop for a drink on the way home, there is a good chance the kid next to you sipping his, limited release, locally brewed, cherry tinged, craft IPA won’t know who the Doors are let alone who Jim Morrison was.

A bit of a mind blower is cursive writing.  It is no longer taught. There is a good chance that cursive writing will fade away.  How are the future generations going to sign their name onto anything? Hand in hand with learning to write cursive is learning to read cursive writing.  If I want to keep a secret from my oldest son, I can just write a note to my wife in cursive and he is stumped. We are looking to remedy this ourselves.

But cable?  Can it be so?  I myself cut cable many moons ago, but thanks to my parents my children are still in the know about it.  Will their kids know about it? I doubt it.

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