A New Soundtrack

It is hard to imagine life without music, impossible even.  Music was an inevitability not an invention. We use and apply music to our lives in so many ways that the absence of it is nearly as remarkable as the music itself.  A certain song can transport back in time to a nearly forgotten moment in your life. It can instill a feeling, set a mood, change the vibe of an entire evening. It can raise or lower your heart rate, make you smile, make you cry or make you dance.

Today’s streaming society revolves around music options.  It has opened our ears up to music that we would have never even known existed. 

When we want to reminisce and relive our most memorable times we always drift back to the prominent music from our high school years, when we were at our most influenceable.

While looking back can be enjoyable, chances are that we are not the same person that we were in high school.  I know for myself that the music that I lived for back in those days, while I still enjoy it, is not the music that fits my hygge-list lifestyle now.

So now it is time to create a new soundtrack for my daily life.  Hygge and Minimalism strive on simplicity and calm. I could sit here and call out some artists that exemplify these traits, like The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, even Post Malone or Khalid, but what calm and simplicity really boil down to for me though is one genre in particular – Acoustic.

Also in true minimalist form, I am not a fan of collections.  A wall full of purchased albums or a program full of purchased music is not a goal of mine.  What I do recommend is free and at your fingertips, boarding either side of this post is just a portion of the various playlists that result from two simple searches on the free version of Spotify; “acoustic” and “hygge”.  Any of these playlists feature a multitude of songs that will accompany your hygge-lism lifestyle perfectly. They will open your eyes and ears to a world of artists that you had never heard of before, and their multitude of tracks will never cause you to tire of hearing the same song over and over again.

So I encourage you to go back and listen to the music you grew up on and relive those moments, but I also encourage you to build your future soundtrack with the help of these playlists.

Is there one song that you could call your theme song?  What is it and why?

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