Mirror rorriM


“It blinked, he…er…me, I blinked!” John gaped.

“What are you talking about, weirdo, of course you blinked, we all blink?” Seth answered.

“Yeah, but I saw it happen, in the mirror I swear I saw it!” John was amazed.

“You probably just imagined it, you can’t see yourself blink, that’s just ridiculous” Seth scoffed. “Don’t you have something to do besides staring at yourself in the mirror all day?” 

“What like sit around all day and read books like you…nerd!” John shot back.  “I’m embarrassed to call you my little brother sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” Seth asked

“Alright…all the time” John answered.

“I’d rather sit around and read all day, than stare at myself in the mirror, flexing and ranting about blinking at yourself.  Just so you know, I’m not exactly wearing an “I’m John Matthews little brother” shirt to school every day.” Seth pointed out.

“Enough of your mouth, I’ve got places to go, people to see, a life to live.” John ended the conversation as he walked out the door.

Brothers, not quite two years apart, but as different as night and day, John and Seth Matthews.  John was the athletic, popular, good looking Jock. Seth, the smart, quiet, bookworm with a smart mouth.  Senior year for John put Seth firmly in the middle of his high school career at Stratford High. Football season was coming to a close, and baseball hadn’t started yet, which meant that John didn’t have practice or a game of some sort just about every single day like he usually did.  It was Seth’s least favorite time of the year, hardly any time to himself, and he just couldn’t seem to get enough alone time. He wasn’t a recluse or anything, he had friends, two or three really good ones, not like Johns seemingly hundreds. Next year, John will be off to college on some sort of sports scholarship, and Seth will have an entire school year to himself, just the thought of it made Seth smile.  His thoughts immediately returned to what John said before he left though.

“I saw myself blink…hah, what a weirdo.” Seth said out loud to himself.  Being a fan of science fiction, and having an active imagination, Seth starting thinking about this possibility.  What if something like that really did happen, what would it mean? Your reflection wasn’t you, but just someone that looked like you.  “That would make a good movie I bet.” Seth said out loud.

“You still talking in here, Jesus, do you ever stop talking, you know I left the room like 10 minutes ago!” John poked his head back in.

“First off, it was like 2 minutes ago, and I wasn’t talking to you.  I thought you had “a life to live”, or did you have to fix your hair first?” Seth rebounded.

John didn’t even acknowledge that with an answer, just walked down the stairs and out the front door.  Jumping in his Jeep and throwing the book bag that he always seemed to have with him in the back seat, he started his Jeep up looked in the rear view mirror and paused when he saw his reflection.

“Nah…” he said shaking his head.

With that, seeing himself blink in the mirror was forgotten, and life rolled on.

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