Mirror rorriM

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So…I wrote a book a while back.

I did not get it published, but I am proud of it. It is a fiction story tailored towards young adults with a touch of science fiction. I would like to post a few chapters – if there is interest I will continue to share the story with you all.

Seth Matthews is a high school student in a small town. When one of the girls in his grade goes missing, Seth, his brother and his best friends decide to do some investigating of their own.

What they uncover forces them to question reality, and threatens to destroy this otherwise peaceful town. As two worlds collide, Seth finds himself in the middle of a civil war in search of his friend.

Will he be able to survive both worlds, save his friend and return order to his small town?

3 thoughts on “Mirror rorriM”

    1. In all truth, I only persued a few publishers, persistence is the key. I like to think that if I really went after it that I would be successful. Of course the enticing drawn of self-publishing is always within reach as well. I think for me, the satisfaction of finishing this story was enough at the time. I may have to rethink that again…thank you for the comment!

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