Office Space Hygge-lism

A Lesson in Productivity

You have heard the excuses, “my desk is messy because I am busy” or “It looks messy, but I know where everything is” and of course “That’s how I work, don’t mess with my process”.

Despite popular belief – a messy work space is never more productive than an organized, minimal, hygge work space.  I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise. A desk should have room to work, not be covered in it.

Sitting down at  a messy desk is proven to instantly raise your stress level, and that is before you even start any actual work.  Vice versa, a clean, minimal, organised desk instills a sense of accomplishment and calm.

Waking up your desktop on your computer and phone can have the same effect.  We have all seen the desktops that are border to border app icons, notifications and file folders.  No rhyme or reason, just a random assault on your eyes and mind. You cringe as you watch and wait for someone to locate the file or app that they are searching for.  Precious seconds tick by…

Know what you have and where you have it.  This will make you more productive.

The time that you take now to organize your desktop as well as your desk will be repaid tenfold in small time saving increments over the course of your day.

At first it may seem a little unusual.  When someone asks you for something and you instantly produce it or are able to say you have it or don’t have it without even needing to look for it.  Your coworkers will without a doubt give you an odd look the first time or two they see your clean, organised work space. The inevitable wisecrack will be made about how it looks like you don’t have anything to do when they look at you behind a desk with little to no papers, strewn across every available space.

The same reactions will happen when you wake up your desktop and only one or two files appear on it, or when you unlock your smartphone and there are no app icons or notifications cluttering up the screen.

I warn you, the freedom of less mess and clutter is as addicting as it is beneficial.  Want to see instant results? De-clutter and minimize your most used spaces; office spaces, computer, smartphone.  These are the places that most of most people’s time is spent, unfortunately. You should do anything that you can in order to spend less time in these places and on these devices so that you can spend more time living life.  Improve your productivity so that you can stop working so hard.

Now add some hygge to improve the time that you do have to spend in these places.  Bring the outside in; a plant on your desk, a comfortable chair, a warm inviting memory as your desktop and phone wallpaper and a hot cup of coffee as you answer work emails.

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