Financial Freedom

Hygge-lism inevitably leads to an increase in freedoms and savings, most notably of these is money savings, but what you do with that savings is what really matters.  

Our journey into hygge-lism has allowed us to eliminate debt, and now that we have little to no debt at any given time (we use a travel credit card for airline miles), we will be trying to find the best way to invest any extra money that we can.  This page will track our progress towards financial freedom, without sacrificing our true love of travel and experiencing all that life has to offer. Similar to the FIRE movement, anything that we can do to add a few years to our retirement is the ultimate end goal.

2020 will mark the beginning of our debt free, delve into financial independence.  Stay tuned by subscribing to keep up to date on all the tips, tricks and lessons learned along the way with us from day 1.

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