Ryanair Money Saving Tips

We now have a few Ryanair flights under our belts and have learned quite a few money saving tips that we would like to share with you.  Seeing the prices of flights on Ryanair, you automatically know that there must be some hidden fees somewhere. Luckily for you, they can all be avoided with these simple money saving tips.

Tip #1 – Be flexible with flight times and days to get the best price.  Mid-week late at night or early morning are the most inexpensive times to book a flight.  If you are able to get to the airport at 4:30 a.m. on a Tuesday then a 22 euro round trip ticket to Ireland or Greece or 20 other locations is absolutely for real.  In order to keep it at 22 euro though, just follow these additional tips.  

Push Pin Travel Maps

Tip #2 – Check in online and print your boarding passes a day or two before your flight.  We had failed to do this for our flight to Ireland, our first Ryanair experience, under the assumption that checking in for your flight was something that would be done at the airline counter at the airport before the flight, silly us.  An additional 55 euros was required to check in and print the boarding pass, PER PASSENGER if you fail to do this prior to arriving at the airport. Being that there were four of us, this mistake over doubled the cost of our round trip tickets. 

Tip #3 – Checked baggage; if you can pack all that you need in carry-on bags, one per passenger, this expense of up to 40 euro per bag can be easily avoided. We had one bag to check and we knew ahead of time that this would cost extra, so we were prepared for this expense.  

This is all that we travel with, no matter the trip length

Tip #4 – Seating assignments; don’t be picky.  If you decide that you would like a certain seating assignment for any reason at all, a fee will be required.  Extra legroom – that’s 7 euro a seat. A front row seat, rows 2-5 – that’s 7 euro a seat. A different standard seat, rows 6-15 or 18-33 – that will be 3 euro a seat.

Tip #5 – In flight refreshments; avoid purchasing snacks and water in flight.  There are a few ways to avoid having to purchase food and drink items in flight, and these are especially useful when traveling with children.  Prepackaged sealed food is allowed to be brought on board. Items such as unopened granola bars, crackers and really any still sealed boxes or bags of food are allowed.

As for water; bring an empty reusable water bottle through security.  After the security check you can refill the water container at a water fountain free of charge and no questions asked.  Totally worth it to avoid a 5 euro bottle of water purchase in my opinion.

Tip #6 – Resist, resist, resist.  A Ryanair flight doesn’t have in-flight entertainment, but you do get a flight long infomercial free of charge.  Once they have you in your seat, you have nowhere to go so they will try and sell you items for the duration of the flight.  The staples at the moment are; #1 food and drinks, #2 perfume and duty free items and #3 scratch off lottery tickets. Resist the temptation to win a million euro on a scratch off and you will save 10-20 euro.


Other items of note;  while the carry on baggage dimensions look stringent, experience has not supported that this is strictly enforced.  Any typical carry on that you have used on any airline is perfectly fine in our experience. Also, the Ryanair site lists fees for items such as booster seats.  We travel with two booster seats in addition to our carry on baggage and no extra fees have ever been required.

With these simple tips, and 22 euro flight will stay a 22 euro flight.  Ryanair is an excellent source of cheap, safe air travel. Safe travels.

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