The Minimalism Trilogy

By: Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

When you think Minimalism, you think The Minimalist, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.  They are the poster-boys of minimalism if you will, their story is the template that a lot of people new to minimalism follow.  They were not the first, they didn’t invent the lifestyle, but they are relatable, well spoken and have dedicated a lot of time and effort into spreading the message of how to live a more meaningful life with less.

I was introduced to them through their documentary “Minimalism – A Documentary” that I stumbled upon on Netflix one day.  I had already been watching things like tiny house living and traveling the country in a bus conversion and things like that.  The documentary popped up as a suggested watch for me, so I watched it and then I watched it again. Then I found their website and their podcast and their book (just their first book at the time).  

If you haven’t explored any of their media, I strongly suggest that you take a look. 

Minimalism – Live a Meaningful Life.  This is almost a how-to guide, a quick basic overview that touches on a lot of the key points of minimalism. 

Essential – Essays.  This is a collection of essays that they have written throughout the years.  Sort of a lessons learned, and expansion on the basics. 

Everything That Remains – A Memoir.  This is my favorite of the three books, it details their story, their journey from where they were before they discovered minimalism and how it affected their lives up to the point of when this book was written.  It is mostly from the viewpoint of Joshua with notes from Ryan and is a great read.

You can find all three books on Amazon by clicking the book title.  If you do decide to purchase them, I highly recommend that you pass them along once you are done.  No need to accumulate…you understand.

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