Black Friday – Cyber Monday

As a self-proclaimed Hygge-list, I would like to share with you how I spent the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Black Friday – Myself, my family and some good friends of ours spent the entire day exploring the recently excavated city of Pompeii.  We marveled at the history and were transported back to a time when the Romans lived and ruled this city along the west coast of southern Italy.

Saturday – Our family and friends traversed the old town area of Molfetta, Italy.  We gazed in wonder at the long shore line and historical buildings along either side of cobblestone alleyways.

Sunday – A walking tour of Giovinazzo, Italy.  An afternoon complete with street side cappuccino while our kids searched the shoreline for crabs and seashells.  Followed by an evening meal of pizza, pasta and drinks with our good friends.

Cyber Monday – A budget airline flight and short drive back to our current hometown in Germany.

In true Hygge-list fashion I bought zero items with the exception of food and drinks for my family and friends.  I shared incredible experiences. I had great conversation and laughs and I smiled all weekend long with those most important to me.  I filled up my “shopping cart” with memories, photographs, sunrises, sunsets and warm drinks overlooking the ocean from the rooftop balcony of a three story building.

By focusing on enjoying life, savoring the moment and sharing great experiences with the people that I love the most I have realized that I already have more than I could ever ask for or purchase at a store.  Happiness doesn’t reside on a store shelf or in an online shopping cart

I got everything that I wanted this weekend.  I will remember and value it for far longer than any items that I could have purchased on “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope you all fared as well as I did this past weekend.

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