Kitchen Counter Hygge-lism

Kitchen counters can be a catch all in any household. Not to mention the multitude of cooking gadgets that are enough to overcrowd any size kitchen, and more handy dandy, must have items to make people think you are a master chef are being introduced every day!  Anybody who’s anybody will have all of the most up to date high tech cooking tools right? If your lucky there will still be room on your counter to toss your junk mail once all of your appliances are firmly in place, collecting dust.

Call me crazy, but I like a kitchen that I feel comfortable cooking in, and a counter that has room to prepare food on.  While I am slicing and dicing up some peppers for the frying pan, I prefer to not have my elbows knocking into anything made my Cuisinart, Pampered Chef, Oyster or any of those other pricey paper weights.

Don’t get me wrong I do have an appliance on my counter, but just one.  I have a drip coffee maker. Even that has been considered and reconsidered though, I would really love to switch to a pour over or a french press.  I will make the switch, and when I do you will hear all about it, of that you can be sure. I own a couple more appliances, but they get put away when not in use.  A clean, minimal, hygge kitchen counter is what greets me when I walk into the kitchen and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As you can see, our counter-top is not perfect but it works perfectly as a fully functional and hygge food preparation station. Utensils at the ready, grab and go fruit (and cookies) within reach, a cutting board posted and ready for use and the maybe not for much longer, ever present coffee pot.  Eagle-eyed readers may notice the Amazon Tap standing at attention next to the utensils – I enjoy having music accompany me in the kitchen. There is also a roll of paper towels for quick spill clean up, we would prefer more of a zero waste approach but are not quite there yet.  

Plant life and minimal decorations on the window sill really help to bring home into the house, and bringing elements of outside in is one of the essential ingredients to Hygge.  Minimal, functional, comfortable – Hygge-lism.

The embedded links will bring you to the items that I have researched and contemplated purchasing on – I am in no way endorsing any products or suggesting that you or anyone should buy anything…ever.

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