A Sunday Morning Tradition

Lazy Sundays are probably my favorite days, that is especially true here in Germany.  Unlike the States, most businesses still close on Sundays here. They also really enjoy their quiet, noise restrictions are in effect all day every day on Sundays.  Seriously, it is enforced by law if you get carried away. You are not allowed to mow your lawn, you shouldn’t be washing your car and be careful if you go for a drive, finding an open gas station could be a problem.

So plan on not making plans.

Enforced relaxation is something that can get down with.  So I start my Sundays with a tradition that will hopefully be passed down from my children to their own children one day.


Pancakes are so simple, so quick, filling and a big time hygge food.  Plus they are so customizable, we have experimented with all kinds of combinations of add in ingredients like chocolate chips, blueberries, M&Ms, bananas, bacon, you name it.  Toppings, sauces, creams, jimmy’s (or sprinkles, whatever you call them), and don’t forget shapes. I typically mix my pancakes in a glass measuring cup, so that I can make all sorts of shapes with the batter.  We have done geometric shapes, letters, people, superheros, big and tiny circles, there are just so many options.

Hygge-lism has really taught us to enjoy these mornings even more, which I didn’t think was possible.  Our small minimal kitchen is easy to cook in, and that makes enjoying the process just as nice as the final product.  The smell of freshly brewing coffee, and the sound of pancake batter lightly sizzling on the skillet are both relaxing sensations.  I crack open the window behind the sink and a brisk fall air with all the smells of outdoors mingles with the kitchen aromas. Between flipping pancakes and mixing sugar into my cup of coffee, I check to see if the plants on our window sill need another splash of water.

A big plate of pancakes with syrup, a big glass of orange juice or a hot mug of steaming coffee and sometimes bacon, though we are trying to cut back.  Is there a better way to start a lazy Sunday?

The embedded link will bring you to the skillet that we have used for years – We are in no way endorsing any products or suggesting that you or anyone should buy anything…ever.

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