We love to travel, as most people do.  As a family of four though, travel can be expensive, stressful, tiring and as exhausting as it is rewarding.  By adopting Hygge-lism into all facets of our lives though we started to notice that the peg on the travel-meter started to swing away from the exhausting side and more towards the rewarding side of the meter.

Instead of throwing money away on loads of items that we didn’t need, we began to invest in experiences and living life.  We applied our lifestyle to our travel and started to see that we could travel cheaper and easier. We stopped dragging so much stuff with us everywhere we went.  Less stuff meant that we needed less space and fewer bags which equaled less expensive travelling.

As luck would have it, just as we were getting our Hygge-list traveling underway, my day job presented us with an opportunity to relocate to Germany.  This was an opportunity primed for taking advantage of.

In the coming posts we will show you how and where we travel.  Big adventures on little budgets with less headaches and lots of memories.  Not to mention some awesome photos supplied by my incredible travel photography wife.

Check out some of her awesome photos on her new Instagram page – @vaca_with_katie

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